Professional Logo Design vs. Online Logo Design

ready made logo design

ready made logo design

Starting a brand or a business can be fun and exciting. To make sure that your brand will stick in people’s mind, it has to have all the right elements and should be easy to digest and understand.

The business logo design is a favorite marketing tool and to make the most out of it, your brand logo should be distinct and not a copycat of the competition or another type of business. While you can easily get an online logo design, a professional logo design is the better option if you want to be sure that your mark is unique.

1. Online logo design is readily available but common.

It is true that you can easily obtain an online logo. However, most of the designs available there are generic and have been used many times before. In addition, the accessibility of these designs mean that plenty of people may have a similar logo with what you have.

2. Online logo design may not be that versatile.

Just because the logo looks great on screen does not guarantee that it will look good printed. Some logos won’t work very well in special media such as wood, fabric, and fiber glass, especially the very detailed ones that are printed small. A professional logo design has greater chances of being flexible and workable since the logo designer will make sure that the design will work on your preferred media.


3. A custom logo design costs probably as much as online logo design.

If you can get a customized logo that is all your own for the same price as an online logo design, there is no point risking having a logo that is common. The good thing about a professional logo design is that you can be sure that it is just yours. In addition, your prospective clients are highly to take you seriously with a fine logo than a shabbily made one. For the price you pay, the results are more than worth it.

A logo is a company’s emblem and should be taken seriously. While it is tempting to scrimp and just go with a generic design, it is not advisable. A logo is the start of a brand and is very important in the success of a business or an organization.

Whether you want to have a spa, a modeling agency, a chain of hotels, or a hardware store, the logo is the one that will people remember. It has to be distinct—meaning it can be associated only with your brand. It should also be professional looking done by professional logo design company, especially if the nature of your business is pretty serious.


A logo also has to communicate the company’s driving force or main objective. A design that speaks of too many things at the same time is not advisable. A good logo is cohesive, has high impact, and is positive. Instead of choosing a generic online logo design for your business, invest on a good professional logo designer that will make your brand more memorable.

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